February 4th, 2015

Wednesday 4th February 2015.

Today is the birthday of someone i courted for two years and lived with for fifteen years...i always recall the actual date in early January dwell on all the if's why's and perhaps as the day draws close..then there are times when the actual day arrives i do not recall anything....and it passes me by in the hub of world events during that day.....of all those years perhaps seven were good and the last ten were an absolute nightmare of goblins gargoyles and anything else one can find under a rug....i have no regrets nor do i bitch about her to those whom pass me by, life is life as the wheels fell of bus of hope...perhaps we out grew each other...i was the one clutching at straws, always tomorrow a new dawn,....etc...Now since July 1989.. always tomorrow the pain, burden, eases into the mire of the past.  As the day dies now i wonder why indeed i have scribbled about it at all, time now to put it once more to rest...until next year...So Goeth