May 12th, 2015

Tuesday 12 May 2015.

Already..Tuesday...has slipped through my grasp the street lights dim beyond this window leave room for the goblins who skip jump and cobble through any tiny crack in this old house simply to run amok over my sleeping body to trip my mind down the dust pipe of time bursting forth in some dreams which itch the finger but not enough to reason why life is out in the bright world my eyes saw many things on which to scribble,alas time has comfort bottled itself..into saying a sweet good night to all and to leave all whom pass this way the picture of youth riding weaving his motorbike down the busy road two cars in front of my tiny red van..a horn from one car tired of this entertainment paps paps on the horn the reaction was instant a swift turn in the seat up comes the fisted glove and the finger...Fuck You.....Indeed life....So Goeth..