July 5th, 2015

Sunday 5th July 2015.

Summer has slipped in.....between the covers of my working saddle...hence i have not lingered here for any moments this past week or so...whilst my mind adjusts to the warm nights and spattered days in a mixture of roasting sunshine and anything the heavens can pelt from the sky that is wet....i object to lathering myself in sun cream for simply climbing into the work saddle, when the smell reminds me of beach time in Barcelona each time i pass around the bend...in this red bricked urban sprawl.
The forecast for today is rain....arrhhh meaning tis but weekend....therefore time to pop out into the garden to watch the flowers grow and battle with the Chardonnay bottle in the hope that i do not open it too soon and slump into the summer abyss of drunken bubbles which i am prone to during this so brief season..i do hope the slut inside me can manage as i pack her off to the far corners of my mind during the hot weather during this period she is not a kind person..perhaps i will buy a few treats just to keep her from howling in the darkness during the long hot summer nights...So Goeth...