August 26th, 2015

Wednesday 26th August 2015.

The White screen has 15 minutes to batter my mind with cabbages, before i vanish down to the Dungeon where i will lash myself with sticks of Rhubarb..or simply stick a Pizza in the oven and open a bottle of bubbles as i toast the end of the day...has it been scrumptious or a requim have the three sisters of fate been blowing bubbles at each other as the world turned once more...Police blue tape around a section of town said something had happend and it was not a game of tiddly-winks..the local newspaper in big broad black letters on a bill board painted..a father died on his stag night....will the whole town rush to buy such a paper and has Mrs Jones had a big smiling baby only found in the inside pages for death only belongs on the front page...thus bringing a soul into the brave new world...if we could have glimpsed the world before our mothers pushed us out into the sunlight how many would have crept back..someone i am close too has gained a new job...thankfully some good news wraps itself around the day... i sigh as i climb off the working saddle, life is so much about so Goeth.....i am pulling at my work collar looking for the wash basket and thus my time is up all who travel this and peace.....x