October 5th, 2015

Monday 5th October 2015.

Darkness has fallen on this eve...the blank white screen..taunts..so many words are tumbling in my head i am playing two games of scrabble at once, along the crazy streets that sit between my ears....The weekend has vanished even trying to grab it's shirt tails was all in vain...Winnie-the-Poo..simply laughed have you not learnt after all these years....Perhaps...i replied...Perhaps not he shot back as another Poo stick went plop...i left him, as he was not too sure whether next was to to slurp some more honey or throw another Poo stick....he sighed as i left the bridge...
I am simply thankfull i can slip off the working saddle as yet another Monday sinks from the calender into the black hole for unwanted ghosts....I reflect that my big 60.....is riding up to me fast, sometimes i have been counting the days drawing tiny pictures of days remaining and sometimes i think on the bad luck side.....Thus trying to hide such scribbles in dark places, under books, at the bottom of bags, even the small boy in me looks aghast..gives slut a dig in the ribs and giggles...So Goeth