October 11th, 2015

Sunday 11th October 2015.

Sunshine filters through my window..the rush of rubber tyres outside my curtains indeed tells me tis but Sunday..and for myself Trinity Sunday the day of rest peace..and sunshine, telling me to venture into the garden to plant some more Welsh and Dutch bulbs....for sunshine superman to play with in the spring which seems such a yard arm away..am i perhaps wishing life away or perhaps hoping beyond hope that Winter will pass over the Manchester Basin for once.....leaving the leaf mould to shudder, belch free from Jack Frost and his Black Goblins whom climb not only into my mind but Panties as well..
I am also edging towards my next decade with alarming speed i have been marking of the days with hope and peeking from behind the wall paper that a book i read a few years ago about just such a man whom marked off to retirement...thus as the story goes never woke up on the day when he could throw off his work saddle and perhasp drink bubbles until he floated down stream in to oblivion...perhaps that is why the three fates cut his cord perhaps they are simply tea-total...some deep thinking to be taken in my mad world of huff and puff and my old friends Winnie-The-Poo...King Canute and that lonesome rambler so far out in front The Last Samurai...whom is searching for the super bubble of all time...Perhaps they will trundle with me as i have booked again a few days to Barcelona how could i resist sixty-pound return flights...you cannot even get on a train down to London for such a price....fitting i think..seeing how i was born abroad....during the days of sssshhh i will whisper the British Empire.. in some far off flung RAF..station.....So Goeth...