bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 25th February 2018.

This has been one of the worst Winters i have had to trawl through for a long time it has seemed endless and bitter almost eating my mind alive.....each working day has been such a power house to reach the end that it feels that i have not had the energy to visit this window on the world nor as if i have  sat at this machine for the entire winter. Yes i have seen the sun and can only think of it as walking through cold soup...thankfully too i am coming to the end of my third winter snuffle as if everyone is passing them around like sweeties...i know i am not on my own everyone whom works out side has had the same bitter winter thoughts...the same bag full of colds summer has never been so much sought...
Perhaps for myself knowing this is my last winter working from a tiny red van and a blue uniform over my wrinkled stockings each day has seemed a shock crossing each day off the calender i don't know as if this has quickened the weeks or simply dragged. I am now down to my last eight weeks in the saddle...." what are you going to do...You will miss it..."...i gaze in wonder at these people open my mouth as if to say the word poetry but decide to simply shrug my shoulders at them and tick another day off the calender and voice yea yea....
Well sunshine is peeking through the window on this room showing up the list of sunday to do's my wrinkled stockings are pouting..i want more....ok..time to get dressed and embrace the old transvestite life is for living so they say...have a good week ahead for all whom pass this way.....So Goeth.

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