April 15th, 2016

Friday 15th April 2016.

Friday bangs me on the head..the glass besides me is the tired old saying of either half full...or half empty....depending on ones stance in life however it is friendly Chardonnay Bubbles as i am not on the rise in the morning at deaths door..or L.C.'S...famous blue raincoat ....song sang in echoes....digging up the sixties by the blue waterfalls...capturing the tapestry in a chasm not able to reach unless the Chardonnay bubbles rise towards the moon and back...and my old friend King Canute can whisper in my ear that indeed he has turned the tide...as we both stare out to sea hoping the Albatross will give us a nod that the world at large is well...
For those whom are crazy as i..Gods speed for the weekend....x