April 17th, 2017

Easter Monday 17th April 2017.

You could say...this Easter is late...in the calender...if you read the headlines of a famous newspaper which boldly stated heat wave for England now some weeks ago you would know that the editor was simply drunk or simply blinded by the huge pair of bloocks growing inside his head as he perhaps wrote those words just before the days print run,in the hope he could part the dead sea.
...i myself on reading those words simply thought Bollocks...this newspaper just loves to print doom and gloom...i am waiting for a picture of  " IT " whom at this very moment is fingering the magic button in the White House Stark naked with a raging hard on against the world, dressed in nothing but a  lego kilt. I thought it quite quaint in last nights viewing on which the BBC..showed the film WAR OF THE WORLDS.....when in the days of my youth perhaps the film Ben Hur...would be racing across the screen....indeed the times they are a changin...however not quite what Bob Dylan was singing about in the early sixties i suspect...This Easter the weather in Manchester has been akin to sleep walking in a cold bath with no hope of climbing out..as for Sunshine what the hell is that.
However one must have the stiff upper lip....say hurrah for England and Saint George and take the weather for what it is and simply wallow in the break that is Easter...i have perhaps eaten more chocolate than normal, drunk far to many bubbles sang far to many Australian folk songs washed dishes cooked in the kitchen and most importantly been quite happy in my soul...never mind all the Bollocks in the world....Easter is Easter bibles food and wasted sperm dreams in open moorland roads where sadly the only objects on them was road kill as i travelled to my favourite beach in North Wales where out of the worlds population of billions there was perhaps ten of us and a few dogs to say it rained blew a gale watched the surf roar one could not find a better spring day in Great Britian.
God Bless all whom pass this way and may you always be the captain of your ship.