April 27th, 2017

Thursday 27th April 2017.

Once more i have to pinch myself...to see if words can trickle down to play games amongst these keys...April has been one of those months where the thought of being a pink elephant wearing dark sunglasses and bright red nail varnish sounds good....words heard from other people that have passed my way stopping to give two-penth worth of their thoughts has opened up steam trains that are hard to stop from going past GO..and picking up two hundred pounds....along the way....the mere thought of the Tories remaining in power for the next fifity years is an ice cream cornet i do not want to eat.
How any of the grerat unwashed could possibly vote blue saddens me beyond belief.....But hey we shall see, wonders never cease the blue corner could indeed catch a cold if the great unwashed climb out of bed take their heads away from face book and stretch their legs to the polling station....puttting their cross in the right box....so be it....
At least i have some chocolate Easter Eggs unopened and there is always the great bubbles in the sky..surely Summer is around the corner crunched amongst the weekend ahead...which means i do not have to pinch myself to hard tonight now at least some words have floated down the turnpike....take care all whom pass this way and happy weekend....So Goeth.