May 21st, 2017

Sunday 21st May2017.

Unicorns...are...Real...printed in large white letters on a black T-shirt...inside this T-shirt was a fem youth with a more than ample chest that could perhaps hide a herd of Unicorns on any given day, she passed my tiny red van deep within her own world, as i watched her slip from my view,i thought would i have worn such a t-shirt at her age..or perhaps i was kidding myself and simply thinking wow...if i was eighteen would i ask her out enticed by the thought of such a herd of Unicorns running wild inside her body.
Some one once wrote...I am the master of my fate...I am the captian of my soul....for much of the past week often caught in the pouring rain as i have pushed at least half a dozen worth of tree's in political leaflets through household doors in the run up to the general election on June 8th..
Each leaflet trying to out whit the other party in trying to gain the simple cross one has to place on the voting form. I wonder if the Unicorn fem will vote..will she be blinded by the Main jibber parties with their promises that often fall by the wayside or perhaps the green party...the great unknown where fields of green do look inviting.
Did myself vote at only things i was interested back in those days was Beer..and a certain fem whom i had the courage to ask out....but now wish fate had opened up another path instead regarding the fem...i do not amble down the crazy streets of my mind bouncing along with regrets those but's and if's....i asked myself in youth a time when i felt imortal felt i knew it all the only confusion was my own fem growing within...such is fate such is my soul at this time perhaps i might look for such a T-shirt...Unicorns are real and perhaps i might vote Labour this coming general the meantime take care all whom pass this way....So Goeth.