May 29th, 2017

Whit Monday 29th May 2017.

Those that rule us, Great Unwashed have told us that today is Spring Bank Holiday Monday a day in the future that never moves, we us, however, the Great Unwashed simply Know this day as Whit Monday...the beginning of Wakes when all the Cotton Mills would close new clothes would be worn..marching bands, christian banners, would march around the Parish Church Bounderies along these Northern Mill Towns..telling stories of Saints Gobblins Gargoyles and frollicks of the sexual kind in the shade of the mighty Oak...Certain faiths have arrived among our shores and do not like such things as frollicks in the bushes and other such champagane super novas this country has indulged in for a good half dozen Centuries or more...perhaps we should prey half a dozen times a day...perhaps we should simply get along with  what ever tickles our fancy and stick up two fingers for those whom do not like the concrete sky and rain above which always comes to Northen England on bank Hoildays....It is something when armed Police do not sing the Laughing Poilceman song much loved in our childhood but instead patrol this lands beaches armed to the teeth plus flak jackets.....certainly no room for an cream....
It is also the end of Manc..week a time perhaps to step off the focus of the world..even the Singapore Straits Times had Manchester on the front page and not for football either...Time now to pick up the snowfalls ride the pink elephants sing ant music to gather strength...and move on up as Curtis Mayfield Once sang....and how could one possibly not mention an Oasis song in all these tears sorrow which have cascaded across this City beyond my window....." Songbird "...Oasis....So Goeth....Hugs to all whom pass this way...x