October 31st, 2017

Tuesday 31st October 2017.

Another month slips through my fingers..flakes across the mind and tickles the soul as it passes into the history books for others to make stories of what happened in Robert Frosts Wood Poem.... when the two paths diverge, as thoughts on which path to take grip the imagination it is far better not to look back with regret when the soul pushes pulls to the left or right....Also....at times this month days  have felt endless, then on others a cusped  pot noodle as befuddled as a single gnostic dwarf quietly tolling on a swamp bell...calling to whom ever is blind from what lies before them..have i always been right when i have chosen a certain path, have i looked back in anger, or simply shrugged when the path becomes a tapestry where the threads never meet in unison...one thing is certain this is my last winter working in a blue uniform...a man whom is perhaps another ten years down life thought it would be a sad day when i no longer hand him his post during the morning of each day as he spoke the words this morning i hardened my mind to no change on the path i have chosen even though i considered his words a comfort from another soul on this road we call life, i am determined to finish 36 years is enough service to the people of this land.... we also share the same birthdays which i have always thought quite cany the way fate splices the mainbrace.......So Goeth..