January 3rd, 2018

Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

i have almost stripped myself of the work Zombie suit the festive season shuffles around my shoulders and zips tight before throwing me around a rollar coaster ride i have trouble finding the brake and the word Stop begins to unwind through my soul...2017 was a true gruesome one, best left behind on the tram tracks it will take me until the very end of January before i think about the year ahead, thankfully over the years i have managed not to fall into step with the Forlorn Hope Regiment as well as to side step the melancholy madness autumn winter drags across my mind....dark days running into nights..rain a constant drag across my wrinkled stockings only thoughts that i have indeed stepped across bare foot some of the best beaches i have had the fortune to stop stare and linger at the horizon to simply think Wow....life is....the female inside me has being going crazy screaming blue murder for broken nails, skin so dry it cracks even after a mountain of hand cream enough to sink a battle ship has been woven into my skin in an effort to keep the small boy inside me to work all the hours under the concrete sky i swirl beneath posting Christmas cards, emptying post boxes, almost spitting as traffic lights turn red..i love work this time of year..its good to see smiles, hope, packets from far off shores, small children still having a trust of the postman but so so glad it only lasts four weeks....Even with all this i am quite content when i rise in the morning when all those pink laced Goblins make their way home from giving my dreams a good kicking and i can feel some small linger of peace...to all out in the big world..love and peace, safe journey through 2018...x