January 31st, 2018

Wednesday 31st January2018

Guy Fawkes..was excuted on this day in 1606...no wonder the day has been clouded with a billion tears in rain, snow, hail, and anything else that can fall from the sky....i for one am so glad this day has almost ended..i know one should not wish ones life away especially at my age but dear God what ever such a faith is, must be shere fed up with throwing all this lousy rain to  crawl all over my tiny red van in this northern part of England.
Today i noted my first sighting of a daffodil in full flower under its own steam...it must surely be in shock waving like a mad thing possibly thinking a mighty big...WTF....am i doing up so early in the year....Easter eggs are all over the stores hot crossed buns in the Bakers the seasons traditions have all gone mad or simply capitalism strangling us all to death....will i be so glad when i can pull off this blue uniform for ever and dance around in my wrinkled stockings singing sod it all...So Goeth....