March 11th, 2018

Sunday 11th March 2018.

Sunshine filters through this rooms window,reflecting across wrinkled stockings hanging bra's and other strange things old transvestites travel in........this past month has been by far the worst winter i have had to work through for many a year...i have not worn gloves on delivery for perhaps twenty years...digging my way through snow drifts trying to move my tiny van through all this havoc has meant very if any time at all have i sat here to reflect on anything or simply nothing... at the end of the day..i won't say i have been depressed about it all..but simply the big word weary...Snow looks fine from behind a window with a glass of bubbles in hand working in it is another matter.
I am not sure either as this is my last winter working out side that it seems more crazy than it really is each hour a mountain everything seems such an effort to climb up into the sunshine....My old freind the Last so far in front i can barely see his footprints... the people i deliver to have been happy to see my van swish and swosh across this land which can bring joy and a heavy sigh..i do hope all is well out in and your all sat in the sunshine sigh.....So Goeth...