April 1st, 2018

Easter Sunday 1st April 2018.

The hum of this machine...the ticking clock a can of IRN-BRU...the swish of rubber tyres on the tarmac beneath this window with the threat of Snow tomorrow brings dawn on this particular Easter.
I am in the frame of mind between a chocolate snowman and a hot crossed bun,during this early hour i have already turned over the various calenders which follow me across my mind with certain dates as iron crosses or bridges i have to walk across and possibly burn this particular month, sometimes in the dark hours of the night when the pink laced Goblins run rampage through my dreams i wonder if i have taken the right fork in the woods even at the age of 62 you still ask yourself many questions from cutting toe nails to masturbation to when is this bitter winter going to end....April...can be good on the weather front...In the Manchester Basin...T-shirts can be worn however i feel this April is going to be a winter drag act..wrinkled stockings busted bra's hat coat gloves and a busted rocket...sigh.
I am now into the last three weeks in the wearing of this blue uniform.....Yesterday...i pulled from post boxes the last of the Easter cards dare i say never again..will i open red postboxes at Easter time...my body says thank God after 36 years enough is enough..the battle will be convincing my mind to celebrate such a fact..
However today is Easter Sunday time to celebrate the fact that i have two days away from my blue unifrom in a row which means Bubbles will be floating around the kitchen as i cook..chocolate Easter Eggs will be consumed and the faith behind this day just might find a thought for love and peace for the world as long as i keep away from the media today this thought will seem to be real...So Goeth..and A Happy Easter to All Whom Pass This Way...