June 1st, 2018

Friday 1st June 2018

Gosh June already how the year is flying old age does not put on the brakes time waits for no man and all cabbages are green only the Goblins whom play games through my mind in the dark hours to the tune of Famous Blue Raincoat win at all costs their pink laced hob nailed boots take some beating after all these years i thought they might find another punch bag..but would i miss them drat....
I am slowly removing all the clutter from the hoardings i have picked up for the last 36 years working on the post i can at least see the floor only in some parts, however tis but a start and i feel more at peace within myself as i face the ruhbarb of the world. Today i am out amongst the human hord it is taking some getting used too there are days when i think wow and others i think dear God beam me up Scottie...The weekend for me starts now as i close this here machine all those whom pass this way have a good one..time to pull on my wrinkled stockings and fly....So Goeth.