June 8th, 2018

Friday 8th June 2018.

This blank white screen stares at me i stare back and we both sigh in unison blow kisses and begin to sink into the depths of this particular Friday whether we will meet in unison is another matter, as this past week has been full of bad spelling in the long tall grass slipped in by spring winds coming over the hill screaming blue murder, pink elelphants are quiet perhaps they to have lost their friday feeling to, i gaze into the distance to try and catch a glimpse of the Last Samurai only to see dust and foot prints which really i expected as had i caught his shadow i would have been quite shocked.
This past Wednesday i sat inside The Red Bull....pub as a final goodbye to old Trade Union comrades as i retire from even that part of my life a mere handfull were seated all around age comes in rushes for those whom are left holding the rope of hope, all the old stories came out vast quantities of foaming mirth poured into glasses it was a time for myself as the constant chatter filled the room, of reflection on all the marches in protest to the Tory Party i have tramped my boots across and factory shut outs forever where only bulldozers inherit as old spiders live in the rotten brick work they to dream of vast webs before the Tecno age of the super web...will the new youth wake up before they are entrenched in the work house until the age of 90 when the only thing they will smell is the flowers on coffins should i be so melancholy on a friday perhaps...as the rush of rubber tyres build into the rush hour out side this window of the world, best to, is to avoid the media at this time, the summer madness is people on scooters robbing us all in the streets if one drank in all the media hype the wolrd is in the shape of a pear and god has gone home...
Which just leaves him here whom needs no name and will be talked about for many years to come in with the famous ones in the bucket with Hitler and thatcher and co...when are we going to hear of him whom walked on water rather than ever watching for the forlorn raindrop... this particular picture i picked up from a fancy dress shop In down town Manchester of all the party clothes would you buy this...!!!!...So Goeth and Good Blessings for the weekend ahead to all...x