June 21st, 2018

Thursday 21st June 2018.

Already tis but the Summer Solstice with the evening sunset still on the wain,not a cloud in the sky i should be running naked through a corn field singing " Famous Blue Raincoat ", alas at this age i will refrain incase i scare the crows...Already Friday and the weekend beginning, poking it's nose over the horizon...time is having a feast with my soul...Today in a charity shop i was asked if i went to Oxford University...on my t-Shirt tomorrow...i will scribble " I Luv Chocolate " perhaps someone will offer me a chunk...perhaps tonight i am in a frivolous mood...I replied honestly that i failed my 11-plus thus condemed to secondary modern schooling only fit for wood work,gardening,metal work at the age of 11 we that failed were only fit to drive buses and sweep streets of 70's England. Those that went to Grammer school went on to  fook up England perhaps they have been forgiven...The lady that asked me in the charity shop simply smiled as i paid for two books perhaps i should not be reading....of which one was poetry...Perhaps..I am the master of my fate.
                                          I am the captain of my soul.
                                          W. E. Henley1849-1903.......So Goeth....good night all...luv and peace to all whom pass this way.