July 2nd, 2018

Monday 2nd July 2018.

My old friend pouts..he has not been mentioned amongst this white blank screen for a good while..perhaps i have given him a rest but most probably the lazy eye i sometimes look through has simply sighed and as always thought on the simple word of tomorrow..therefore i had better mention him now...seeing as he is sat behind me quite now...more than a friend i do not think of his jar full of honey more of a place i can keep the good childhood memories which float through my mind in case i have to reinforce my suit of armour protecting myself from the sling shot of the world...festered apon us from a great height...
I would also like to thank the happy Far East Traveller....space_66..for sending England some Bloody Sunshine and about time too...!!!..i shall whisper very quietly thank you...for i do not want this bliss of sunshine to fade until October....and oh yes...Winnie-The-Poo....So Goeth..