July 15th, 2018

Sunday 15th July 2018.

My work top diary informs me that today is St Swithin's day, across the Manchester Basin folklore will tell you whatever the weather falls apon this day...will last for forty days and forty nights..i have to tell you now that there is not a cloud in the sky and the temp will rise to a wowo wow...79F...the forecast for the morrow is well be low 79F..and rain one would wish that on this occassion that the folkore would come true rather than reality.....sigh...
Last night a saw a small post on Tumbla..asking how would the world be should the name Trump never be seen again...i have to admit a heavy sigh passed between me and this here machine...along with a weary smile.

I picked up this flyer a good few weeks ago which one could find scattered around in a good few tea houses which have sprung up thankfully in the northern quarter of the city....this saturdays Guardian seemed to simply on every page over his visit to England...i have to admit only the pictures i glanced at..as i am still a bit numb from the dreadful football of which that is going to be my last mention of the game....Also scattered around the City are fly posters for various events from eating chocolate cakes to fringe art work or concerts....the below says it all on the word Trump and the last Englishman in charge of Hong Kong is quoted as saying there is only two things that the English have given to the world...one is Association Football and the other are the words Fuck Off....

Sadly this is not me or even in my youth i was not blessed with a hairy chest..lol...but is simply a fly poster around the city of which i have a soft spot for ....this one was a for a band's gig...and has been cropped by myself but i think it suits the mood about the word Trump.
To all whom pass this way have a good week ahead...luv and peace...So Goeth.