July 23rd, 2018

Monday 23rd July 2018.

Suzanne...filtered through my I-pod on shuffle..i thought of the tea and oranges all the way from China...thought of a postal girl i once worked with whom went home one night closed the bedroom door and stabbed herself to death her name was Suzanne.....I was in Lisbon last summer stopped and watched a Busker by the river his voice along side his harmonica got under my skin...and still does, tonight..as his voice echoed around the kitchen i thought, could i live without my I-pod some people believe in God others perhaps..." so you think you can tell heaven from hell "....a soft foot fall of small jobs passed my day....a girl passed in a white T-Shirt..with " I Love Manchester " in large black letters and of coarse the red heart emblazed....perhaps there are voices in the seaweed...after all....So Goeth.