August 10th, 2018

Friday 10th August 2018. still inside my head aspects moments blobs or space cascade through my mind as i tramp through the day back home amongst the cobbles of the Manchester Basin, also a hand bag of words by an Amercian traveller ticking off his bucket list discribed, Such ticks struck from his list, as either mouth watering standing in awe, pour another bucket on me Saul thought...or simply WTF...standing in a car lot.... rush to the brain. I have to say those profound words standing in a car lot have grabbed my imagination and now clang each time my eyes venture forth where i should be awe struck about any point on the planet i should have a soft spot for.

Sadly this famous building in Rome was one of those car lot moments for myself...was it because of the film Gladiator did i really think chariots would be roaring around, or the words are you not entertained roaring in echoes across ancient stone work.Or more simply down to human throw away shite every where one looked, the amount of empty water bottles swiming about the streets could fill an ocean.. i could not help but stand there and wonder if this was Singapore..or The national trust in England how would it look and indeed would i be in awe rather than a parking lot, and a sad parking lot at that. This building deserves better...So Goeth.