August 12th, 2018

Sunday 12th August 2018.

Rome for a few scribbles more...and i did not throw any coins in Trevi Fountain, nor did i know the song three coins in a fountain was about Trevi..but i did wonder why people threw coins over their shoulder...This fountain hit the newspapers in England this weekend not for the beauty but simply for a brawl over the best selfie postions to stand in. In all i stood stared sat three times here...first time i liken it to a rowdy football crowd at an evening football match without the throwing of plastic pint pots of beer but if it had i would not have been surprised...this monster of a fountain is tightly packed in a tiny square only mice can dance across with any freedom...i found the best time was early morning as the sun began to rise above the city then one could sit and watch contemplate and indeed think wow...and perhaps wow again before taking a few snaps on this breath taking site...i did have that guilty school boy feeling that at such an hour i would be on my own in solitude however early dawn is a time for wedding photo's therefore not only did i ponder on the fountain but " is she really going out with him..." which i am sure is from a punk rock song in my dim past...but i might be wrong on that score
 the words simply floated into my mind as i sat there for a good while for one of those moments when back in England and the rain is sheeting down and the wind roaring in a gale as one thinks indeed doing here in January when i could be sat on some endless beach in Western Australia. However i digress... as usual in this journal.Just out of the square is a small tea house of where i sampled a pot of tea on one of those days which are known as Dads Dads..days and i can safely say i am glad i spent a few days in Rome...My biggest like was finding little sheltering spots away from the maddening crowd i am still not used to the bustle of mass rapid humans waving selfie sticks as if hunting butterflies in the dark...perhaps one day being inside the in crowd might come back until that time..So Goeth.