August 29th, 2018

Wednesday 29th August 2018.

Much of the week has been spent in a small boy suit playing with pots of paint trying to make sense of that an old sod still climbing ladders..alright small steps doing in this really hot summer, which has simply ran away over the hills, singing porky pie songs in a shrill voice which tells me with a big sigh and a heavy whisper Summer is beginning to close down the blinds, as September is about to shout out loud I'm here. Making my wrinkled stockings hanging on the washing line gasp at such a word already uttered.
Elvis...In The Ghetto....drifts through this room,Only Elvis can sing this song...people i once knew drift in my mind...i quickly try to push them out for the sake of my vanity just in case i ask myself do they ever think of me...those kind of melancholy thoughts are not really for tonight...So...Goeth.