September 14th, 2018

Friday 14th August 2018.

Our spread as far as the ears can pin point, across this land in deep darknes tonight...the tarmac out side this window is quiet...Myself fresh from the shower a blessing that an 62 year old body is hidden amongst this white screen...and no further, it is not a gay sight,,,far to many tram tracks now across the skin as if i was a walking i sit here and contemplate the coming weekend hopefully in some form of good humour with the promise of a new day dawning.. in a matter of hours, the weather forecast is unmentionable however bubbles lay in the fridge to soften the blow of Summers last the last fringes thrutch in foaming mirth on how close this summer was to the most famous one in my life time during 1976.
I can feel my mind whispering for fook's sake close this white screen, let's get into the rugged cross of the weekend, your head is nodding like a Blackpool donkey, your words falter in feather weight flow..say Good Night.
For all whom pass this way the weekend is yours...So Goeth..x