September 22nd, 2018

Saturday 22nd September 2018.

The day has felt like an age, an enjoyable age, as my footfall has tramped around the streets of Manchester in the search of Bee's from dawn until mid-afternoon thankfully with no madness of the flower pot thrower earlier in the week...Instead i came across another mad fellow in the form of a i flicked through it i could not but help wonder if he knows all the words written about himself...gathering around the world as each day passes whilst he sits in the white house i am beginning to think in terms of the Mad Hatters Tea Party or would that be an Alice.....i am indeed.....waiting for Christmas Chocolates to come on stream in shops, i wonder would they come in a huge Penis shape and would it be flaccid or erect....??? on such a thought...the evening begins to trundle into the hours of the famous blue raincoat brigade where Goblins run amock until dawn time to put on the tin hat.

And i leave for those whom pass this way a picture of the cover for at least a chuckle on this autumn night....Love and peace to all so Goeth...x