October 7th, 2018

Sunday 7th October 2018.

After 24 hours of freedom to see the world in 2018 my suit gave a heavy sigh, shook off the dust of those rampant hours....and as i placed the suit back into the warm darkness it whispered is that the world now...how the hell is Winnie-The-Poo surviving....in all that chaos...i paused...whispering back just in case men in white suits hear me talking to a suit and carry me away, i simply whispered the Tories are still in power and face book rules the world and the Chinese don't like comments about being tourists especially in Italy....Fuck'um...i paused again smiled and whispered Winne-The-Poo will survive and gently closed the door....God Help the suit ...if i have to wear it again and we never manage to break away from European Jack Boots calling us all sorts of names because some people simply put the cross in the leave box...what ever happened to freedom of speech how short their memories really are...
Perhaps i might just bring it out and wear for 11th November as things begin to move towards, i will not say celebrations but certainly there will be alot of thought and rememberance on those names one passes each day cast in stone memorials in every village in the land..i wonder what whispers will howl on that crisp day.

The second week of October starts in a few hours for whom pass this way have a good week..So Goeth.