December 26th, 2018

Wednesday 26th December 2018.

In the bleak mid winter...tuned by Bert Jansch...during 1974..when i was a mere youth has played much through my mind this Christmas and perhaps for a good few years...i don't ask myself why any more...perhaps cheap beer in a smokey English pub perhaps i was deeply in love...during that year.
As Boxing day draws to a close...Jimmy Ruffin's What becomes of the broken hearted is a fine tune to close Christmas off for another year..this being my 63rd..if i can recall in detail three of them then it is alot.
And as i think on tonights pillow fight with the pink laced hob nailed booted Goblins whom stomp through my dark hours...i also do wonder if really the Luddite's..were right and should Christmas last the twelve days rather than the two....Ho Hum..and so Goeth.