December 31st, 2018

Monday 31st December 2018.

Well it's here then is it not...Myself and the three companions Winnie-The-Poo...The Last Samurai...King Canute stare out across the horizon as a matter of fact in unison on one fact HOPE for the world in the year 2019 in all matters and what ever sex you pull on each morning to face the far from the maddening crowd.
me myself will continue to pull on my busted bra wrinkled stockings and may from time to time burst out of the transvestite closet to even shock myself...i have given lots of thoughts for the coming year but as always do change tack more than change my panties....but mostly tonight i will say good bye to the year 2018 the graceful the unjust and all those having passed me by with a nod and a wink within the touch of skin..i will leave world events out of arms reach try not to dwell on May and Trump and Europe for what can one old tired transvestite do to those creatures with more than eight legs....The beatles drifted across the i-pod yesterday...Eight Days a Week....were the 60's really that good...or the last few years in world events been crappier than crap...However the day begins time to pull on the busted bra sail into the day with a smile...To all those whom pass this way much love and peace to your new year and oh yes don't let the bed bugs we used to say as kids back in the 60's...So Goeth...