January 10th, 2019

Thursday 10th January 2019.

It's four in the morning...softley  the tune, thoughts, to Famous Blue Raincoat tickle around this cold room...After 63 years i have to scribble..a....CV...as i ponder to apply for a part time vacancy what does one put should i scribble something tongue in cheek..i have had a peek at online CV'S...a template for a career break one seems to suit me..i smile for days times dates..as half my schools have been demolished quite where the small amount of paper qualifications are hidden in this dwelling quite escapes me this morning..So to have some of the companies i travelled through thanks to one Maggie Thatcher..bless her...sigh...down the long years. Time to ponder and find the warmness of the bed of dreams for a short while perhaps i might have a dream of a lady giving me a large pair of breasts of my own life is as they say, say. As the world reaches the tenth day of the year 2019...may it bring joy....to those whom look under the leaf mould...So Goeth.