January 18th, 2019

Friday 18th January 2019

I have a glass of South African white wine on my right...it sooths the ticking clock from rocking my soul, it makes me glimpse at the calender also on my right side...in mellow thoughts of which indeed i can ride up to the escaping days out of my grasp and at least say Boo if nothing else..The story of thre song Famous Blue Rain Coat...is in the music magazine Uncut..i have bought a copy...i have one more day left of being Christmas Casual number 15...for Royal Mail....am i said or happy to once more hang my old uniform up....The Manchester Evening News weekend Edtion...begins to push working well past retirement age as the norm.... grooming on the sexual angle is a crime....is not the Manchester Evening News also commiting a crime against humanity...by grooming thus...So Goeth..all those whom pass this way over the weekend...sorry my vanity has seeped into the wine glass take care and love and peace.