January 29th, 2019

Tuesday 29th January 2019

So far the coldest week of winter...snow has panda'd...through out the day thankfully in buttecup flakes..i did venture out, stood in the garden in that many clothing layers what snowflakes fell as i held out my hands my age has put the feelings into my back pockets as not a falling flake did i feel..Alas midday rackets from surrounding urban blights not even silence as the snow fell could even be thought about i stood fro a moment or two thinking of that poem where one has no time to stand and stare sighed, wondered about Robert Frosts fork in the wood, and steam coming across a beach in Australia and at least January is coming to a close, i know one should not wish ones life away especially as i am in my last nine yards but i could curl up during January with a few bottles of bubbles and a rag arsed copy of War and Peace...simply to let the world roar on without me.
All has not been doom and gloom although the battle is no easy win to stroll onwards and upwards in Northen England with a constant smile, if ones mind is not eating winter shit....I took this shot last Saturday when i ventured with friends to walk up this pimple in the Peak District National Park...Known locally as the Shivering Mountain as it has a habit of cascading large chunks of it's self into the valley below, the view from the top is quite worth the climb and makes one feel ant like,the gusting wind seems to blow all cares away for a few moments, all those yes and no melancholy madness questions burning inside the crazy street mix within the head, slip amongst the sheep droppings, crisp packets, littered around.
I have a fondness for this pimple my father first took me up in my teens..i once took a girl up whom i thought loved me during the 1970's when you could buy an banger car for twenty pounds. And one or one times since then, i even look for the Last Samuari to see if we can see through the fog of life, however not even his footprints are to be seen....Perhaps one day....So Goeth...