June 29th, 2019

Saturday 29th June 2019.

80F...has been predicted for this small spot on the planet today this means for one day only summer has arrived..i will spend at least half the day teaching a fellow postman a Saturday letter box collection in the old mill town of Stalybridge..where once the Film Yanks was fillmed when i had hair on my head and the transvestite inside me was a mere pimple.
The other half will be in the solitude of my garden where i will talk to my old friends the troglodytes, saccharine turtles and curly leaf wood  nymphs, as the BBQ..puts strange taints of smell in amongst the herbs i attempt to grow each year...helped by a bottle of fine Australian wine to wash away the weeks work thoughts.
I am next week on leave from my tiny red van and will vanish to London for a few days to dainty about in parts i have not stepped through before i will be in sane company so the slut inside me will have to simply scream and make do with a small treat rather than kick'um to death in a busted bra sort of thing.
Hope all whom pass this way are enjoying their summer luv and peace to all...So Goeth...x