August 15th, 2019

Thursday 15th August 2019.

My old friend this here blank screen whispers..Well,...i wonder that word too is this my second time or perhaps third time this week i have come for a quick scribble, or is it just one of those weeks when questions simply cover the soul in thorns why this and that and what happened.
Today is the 74th Anniversary of the end of the second world war in Asia it will not feature on any of the media i pass through during the coarse of the day. I once delivered post to an old gentleman whom spent time in Changi Prison Singapore as a his latter life i used to watch him walk down the village streets with a pair of sugar tongues picking up litter....he cried once when someone had thrown out old food for the garbage man to collect....all these tiny morsals of human touch make up daily life....thankfully small children stood at bus stops playing ring a ring make me smile it kinda washes away all the sadness that creeps over the world always blown into some grab a headline story to be read over the morning corn flakes. I wonder what people think when the last cornflake is eaten.
Today it is raining the month of August is not what it once was...i asked some one yesterday of my age was it my imagination that school school holidays summer back in the 60's were wall to wall sunshine or had i clothed those days in a bed of tinted roses, sadly he told me so, of his adventures down in the fields sent out in the morning with a bottle of water and not returning until tea time.
Just to rub it blessed I-Pod clicked in...Here Comes The Undertones..which is fitting, as time to pull on my wrinkled stockings grab my rain coat and out into the wide world in my tiny red post van go Goeth.