October 13th, 2019

Sunday 13th OCTOBER 2019.

Fogs rolling in off the easten bank...like a shroud it covers bleecker street...today is Paul Simons birthday..i sit with a glass of Chardonnay...i do not usually scribble across this white blank screen with music pulsating from this machine i find that my mind drifts to dark corners of the past lurking in my mind and twists words i want to or feel as i post..or i post comments that i just might regret from this ever drifting 63 year old self....tonight i have pressed on Simon and Garfunkel on I-Tunes in honour of such a birthday.." .Homeward Bound " slips in reminding me i must visit...Wigan train station where this very song was scribbled so they say.
I am thankfull that a senior in the games room at the school boys time of my life let me sit awhile whilst he played
" Bridge Over Troubled Waters" albumn on the old turn table..to only him and me...in that barmy summer during boarding school days...when what the hell was i...a tranny..a bisexual..or a rider of pink elephants...i don't think a day passes when those days do not crop up in my mind...and for vanity's sake do all those boys i touched if only in words or sight through those years ever think of me.." I Am A Rock...."...follows into " Sounds Of Silence "...which must me, must be...my all time memory jerker...back to those days of did i pull on underpants or panties..tis but a tune that bursts into my mind and fills it full of flowers...found on the subway wall...'" Wednesday Morning 3AM..."...means life is, and that the road is always rocky and one must crunch through the undergrowth with half an ear to the 7 O'Cock News/ Silent News..which always smacks me,  in the mind and always makes me regret that i am a transvestite for only a few moments...its a song i always repeat...i am not sure if it's simply the voice of the news reader and i always wonder if he is still alive and wonders about this tune...or i play it for nostalgia when it did not matter what God you talked to....so i will end tonight..with Sounds Of Silence and say love and peace to all...So Goeth..x