October 31st, 2019

Thursday 31st October 2019.

I am not George Formby nor am i Billy Bragg i do not sing like Gladys Knight though i would like a cast off dress of hers..i do not sing about tears from a letter delivered by a Mail Man a song of hers...Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks means something to me, i have indeed stood on that very station and thought bubbles and squeak...Black Pig can you even say those words today was a wine from Australia in 2014 and has kept unusually well on this Halloween night, i have struck a few matches over a few candles for love and peace around the garden to night for peace for the world the Beatles still make me smile and SHAM 69... if the kids are united they will never be...!!..must mean in this coming general election they must surely vote...or for ever keep their underpants and panites around their throats in silence...if not we will always be between the wars.
Bless'em all by George Formby only mixes with Born On The Bayou and Bad Moon Rising if your in your 60's...even more so if bubbles have kept away the ghosts of tonight Eleanor Rigby reminds me of the ballad of John and Yoko which will always finish with Bookends and hello darkness my old friend...for those whom introduced me to S@G...way back in 1969...may you always be blessed...So Goeth...