November 20th, 2019

Wednesday 20th November 2019.

The army of fallen leaves lying in the gutters, along the river banks, in the subways, stuck to buses, are gathering storm and blowin in the wind we have not had rain for three days i am agast that i have managed to write three days,  they are drying rapidly into crinkled crusts, those type of leaves, as a school boy, one used to run down the street kicking them high as one laughing and shouting as high as the sun and over the roof tops one could, these old days i just smile at the nostalgia of it all. And wonder why youth of these days don't. have such simple fun.
The year is coming strongly now to the Christmas season plus the General Election meaning postal votes, time to batton down the hatches as my tiny red van will be much in the thick of things time might stop me from scribbling even a full stop, but as long as the dark months melancholy madness does not drag me down to far i should find time to even crawl across the page in some form...So Goeth love and peace to all whom pass this way...x