November 24th, 2019

Sunday 24th November 2019.

IT..!! that time of year,i will begin to move into the Christmas Pressure season this coming week making it my 38th Christmas on the post office front line, it is  a war mostly within oneself when all you think off is eat, sleep, and not enough hours in the day, this year the added postal vote volume for the coming general election will blow the mind into outer space... a time of year when everyone loves you, can you just, can you just,...yes yes....the most important thing for me is the smile or a whispered thank you it does mean something to any postie....a time of year when my fingers are not full of brown envelopes income tax, council tax, speeding fines, which are always posted with a heavy heart and sigh...a time of year when small children poke their heads through their parents legs at the front door with eyes a beaming and a time when you can give people living on their own a small time to chat for a few minutes. It is a time when you are thankful tis only once a year and thankful when the last Christmas song's note has stopped singing in your fact when i have finished here this morning i might just blow off the dust from my Christmas CD'S....after seeing a piccy of a naked Chirstmas tree on my friends page this morning. It is a time when drooling over my L.J....takes a back seat so just incase i scribble more gibberish this coming month...Love and Peace to all whom pass this way.x

Below is a piccy of the church in Manchester which sits outside the Manchester Students Union Acadamey concert halls which i took last night it always frightens me, as the door was open last night i did have a peek inside and looked quite beautiful which did bring a smile, perhaps one eve going to a concert i might just pop in. Last night  i went to see a few good tribute bands...Sex Pistols...Blonde...The Clash the music flowed in good form, the crowd were up for it, beer was everywhere so too old age, an imaculate punk rocker with encrusted mohican hair had to lean on his walking stick..mature fem's still thought they were 18 once more which made the night interesting...So Goeth

Sunday Eve 24th November 2019.

Tis but a rare thing i post twice in a day...alas frantic phone call mid afternoon means my Christmas  pressure on the post starts tomorrow.. in earnest...sigh...
I did indeed blow off the dust off my Christmas C.D.'s picked out five and played on shuffle..coming from Nat King Cole..Christmas Album..Rod Stewart...Merry Christmas Baby...Elvis Christmas Peace...and The Best Christmas the world ever 44 tracks double cd..released in 1996...gosh....probably well out of date by now however it was calming to float around the house thinking gosh how old was i and where was i...some almost brought a tear. So Goeth...