December 29th, 2019

Sunday 29th December 2019.

Tis but the last Sunday of the decade, i cannot recall scribbling the word decade ever in any journal i have ever kept so many times as these last few days, i usually simply call it no man's land a time to look to the future trying not to grumble over half cocked chances i have missed during the past year, people that have drifted, or even forgotten time when i should have, or not.
A few fleeting moments reflection when i have walked past the euro millions lottery counters thinking bollocks with the chances of winning is not even in the pocket of the man on the Moon...what chance has a tired old tranny got indeed...The only thing i have ever won was a pair of yellow socks at a Fireman's Ball during the 1970's i put this memory down to the lady whom dragged me on to the dance floor that evening entwined herself around me and almost carried me around the dance floor sparking all sorts of feelings from my toes to that thing which dangled between my legs with her silk dress and perfume, so used to was i being scorned by my mother at that time, that it was a complete and utter shock. That someone wanted to dance with me a complete stranger i can only bless her for that wonderful memory.
Today, as i scooted around the crazy streets of Manchester running errands,crossing off shopping lists, repeating on the CD player.." if your going to san-fran be sure to wear some flowers in your hair..." i felt sort of ho-hum contentment, as lists for the new year were growing in my head...Today it has not rained, nor for two days complete utter shock again, a small shard of cold sunshine cut across the Manchester sky line reflecting among the vast new build sky scrapers, it's a city you can love and hate in the same breath, each season smacks you in the face instant rage against the machine, or sat on the pavement singing humpty dumpty to yourself in a sort of warm bliss to that warm song wonderful life....Love and Peace to all whom pass this way..have a good week ahead and a brave new year.xx