February 3rd, 2020

Monday 3rd February 2020.

The big blank white screen taunts me with a poked out tongue and a whisper dare you. I stare at it and think always tomorrow and poke out my tongue back. My mind is a rain dance in pink cabbages falling gently through the crazy street mix my mind inhabits, my busted bra and hold up stockings lie in bated breath the working day is over the rush in peak hour traffic around the Manchester Basin sleeps. Monday is always good to tuck under the belt all the possible hairy Goblins are spanked off...i gently play Manu Chao's album Clandestino i might not understand one simple word but hey  warm spice on this bitter cold winters night reminds me of sunshine. Snowdrops in flower in the garden means the year is moving forward to quaffing white wine sat in the garden during the summer months so that cheers me up. Tomorrow i have to wear a suit therefore i will close now to think on such a task before the night goblins strike out....Love and Peace to all whom pass this way..So Goeth.