February 4th, 2020

Tuesday 4th February 2020.

Time 8.22am...have blown the dust of my shoes given them a polish time to picture myself in a suit with thoughts on how to keep warm during the day...riding public buses to Southern Crematorium on where i call the north side of Manchester to say farewell to an old lady well into her vintage years she's had a good innings as we always say for the  vintage many a glass of wine has passed many a smile, dance, whom for many a year worked in Manchester City football club's kit room at the old maine road ground..The suit does not belong to me, it simply belongs to it'self, i am simply a guest on which it frowns as i pull on some warm fem stuff for the winter's day ahead. No doubt it will whisper many things along the journey why are we travelling by bus, you have never worn me on a bus before, don't drink to much dirty beer at the wake, i want people to see me as a suit respectable in a shirt and tie not that busted bra and hold ups. If the suit blows me a kiss gives me a warm hug i might indeed be proud to wear it rather than simply see it as a suit. So Goeth...x