February 21st, 2020

Friday 21st February 2020.

I draw back winters curtains think ugg....think wow for no rain is falling from the sky so far, though the grey concrete mush hangs low depressing in gloom which ever way i look..have i had enough of winter yes and yes again. On the bright side it's Friday with a mission of being my last working day this week. The weekend is a jumble of cotton socks and pulled panties on trying to cram in the hours of what doing inside my head. School half term holidays usually means Manchester is rammed with lollipops...do i chance the rough and tumble on the streets dare i amble through China Town for supplies or have i read far to much on China Flu to keep me thinking maybe in a couple of weeks or do i simply give Manchestr a miss, staying on the outskirts of the Manchester Basin, besides there is still much clearing up of paper works and thoughts in this tiny shrine room i sometimes hide from the world in....one thing i must try and excell at, is keeping myself away from this journal when the Chardonnay is flowing strongely especially on a Sunday night as i have a habit of sending far to many riddles out...to those whom received one this past Sunday humble sorry's they are always menat in good taste...sigh...
Time now to venture into the day pull on my uniform over my busted bra and holdups...therefore will leave you with Soy Luzy Sombra,which is a title of a song which stuck in my head for the last couple of weeks i may not understand one word but some how it crept under my skin pulling the hope of winter blues away for a while letting in a small ray of sunshine. Love and Peace and a good weeekend ahead to all whom pass this way...x