April 29th, 2020

Wednesday 29th April 2020.

Stoned in love with you....A blast from the past circles from the i-tunes hidden within this machine as the tunes wrap around my crazy head mix i wonder why i switch the tunes on during certain days, perhaps it might make me a better writer or just to shake the forlorn cobwebs out of my system letting in some good vibes to jig too would be a better thought. Everything Crash by the Ethiopians a Reggae nugget quite apt for today as i reach day 37 of the lockdown.
I stood at the window this morning watching the rain fall across the garden watching each drip fall from the fresh green leaves never thinking i would be glad to see rain after asking certain freinds among L.J. to send me some of their sunshine. With all this time floating across this room am making a few playlists the tunes tonight are amongst one, as i creep towards the grand old age of 65..this coming November...will indeed any form of normal be found amongst the hords of words crossing the planet at that time..Arrhh...The Undertones...time to jig my wrinkled stockings across the room.
To all whom pass this way Love and Peace and extra care during these mad times...So Goeth..xx