May 15th, 2020

Friday 15th May 2020.

There was no feeling of a Friday buzz, when i stepped from the Goblin Pit in the early hours of the morning, stood at the window looked out into the tiny part of the Manchester Basin within it's vision, glanced at the concrete sky shrugged looked at the clock thinking the day has begun and could only pass thought on what ever day past fifty of this countries lock down i have now reached, i thought for a few seconds on what Rosanna Arquette must look like today after watching the film Nowhere To Run last night, in an effort to dispell any notion of watching the Boris and Donald show...they would make fine characters for a modern Punch and Judy show.
The rest of the day has been a slow blurr of actions moving me to sit here awhile as the evening light draws in, leaving me with thoughts from an old school teacher...Must Try Harder....!!..when we had him on a Friday for four periods of Maths and three periods of is no wonder why Maths and French were locked in my mind as broken biscuits. This year i have been dwelling on thoughts of sitting in that classroom during the early 70's as a mile stone, in my life on planet Earth and had hoped to travel down to Bournemouth this coming July to walk around the school going Oooo Arrhhh..trying in vain to recall some of the boys names...however i will simply sigh this evening and bid the world good night...To all whom have passed this way Love and Peace and take extra care..So Goeth.xx