May 31st, 2020

Sunday 31st May 2020.

In Great Britain these past few months nearly 20,000 people have been fined for breaking big bad Boris's lock down rules... for disregarding the six feet distance rules, and flouting the stay at home rules, amongst all this i mentioned the story of two women whom travelled from Manchester to Blackpool  for a BBQ on the beach some weeks ago now whom indeed were fined for such a breach... some people have been encased in their homes for more than 63 days some are probably glad of it, some possibly climbing up the walls and banging their heads on the ceiling singing where have all the flowers gone....A man dies whilst out walking killed in the Yorkshire Dales by a herd of cattle his wife is air lifted to hospital and thankfully survives. Yesterday a supermarket in Stalybridge had a social distance queue of almost a mile long alright alright maybe not quite that long but it seemed it...... Thousands have marched in Manchester/London in protest... For Black LIves matter. The Football League want to restart the football season how indeed do you play football and keep to the six feet rules, how do you protest for black lives matter and keep the six feet rule perhaps it is better not to stare at any media news for it seems that some lives really don't matter at all. Which will teach me not to glance at the news on a sunny Sunday better to talk to Winnie-The -Pooh...and have a few glasses of wine...
Love and peace to all whom pass this way take care So Goeth..X