July 19th, 2020

Sunday 19th July 2020.

Tomorrow will be the 51st anniversary of the moon landing...and i  will not tonight sway from thoughs on that day of where i was, or how old, i was foot falling across this planet..i will still of coarse feel the tears in my eyes of those years that cannot be brought back, of the hope as i sat watched stared at the small black and white TV screen...in the school dinner hall..i will simply play my I-Tunes, as i, it, before this screen of whiteness simply because it is indeed white before my eyes...." How Long Will it Take "..by Pat Kelly a touch of skinhead reggae...when life seamed so simple and the music floated through the soul in a sack full of musical notes you could carry on your shoulder with no care of whom you passed in the street what ever the colour of there boot laces...as your music dribbled across the crazy street mix..and down your trouser leg to the beat of your strutting feet.
After all Love is a treasure..strange but true...by Freddy McKay..and i wonder did anyone ever Love me...but let not my vanity take away the closing down of the weekend after all i have had a soft fem time...love and peace to all whom have passed this way take care So Goeth...x