July 27th, 2020

Monday 27th July 2020.

1973...i am almost sure i slipped to the pictures twice in one week to watch the film Enter The Dragon i am almost sure half a crown was the cost back in those days such was the effect of the film on my young mind as news of John Saxon passing away has seeped into the tiny news i except without drifting into melancholy madness, Woody Guthrie slips into my mind singing Pastures Of Plenty, I-Tunes whispers thought you would like some company at days end, i glance across the clock face almost ten-thirty, been a long day and nod my head at I-tunes.
I have a weeks leave from my tiny red van and am trying to cram every second of the week ahead trying to whittle down my to do list as i wrestle with the add-on of having to wear a mask in shops how can you possibly wear one trying to sing Sally Cinnamon trawling down supermarket isles i sigh don't think i will become used to such ....one thing to wear one in daily work but once away from uniform do i really want to spend time locked into heavy breathing counting each second in an effort to climb back out into perhaps fresh air....i think i will slip away S&G's 7 O ' Clock News/ Silent Night...plucks at my tired mind bring up far to many old memories...To all whom pass this way love and peace...So Goeth..x