October 2nd, 2020

Friday 2nd October 2020.

I have come to sit for a few moments at this..blank white screen with a glass of white wine whether i scribble any sense or pure gibberish from now on as simply the week has been full of beast triffids riding saccharine turtles down the highways and byeways of Greater Manchester quite why this village i live in was dragged into the gob stopper of Greater Manchester is quite beyond me, some things bigger are not always best...However the white wine tastes good and carries my Friday Buzz into the weekend as some politics are cast in iron spikes driven in the clod until the last spider farts on the planet, as the voice of protests back in the days of the creation of Greater Manchester folded into the leaf mould forever more quite why i had these thougths today is probably a loose bubble of wine as i sit here with this screen that tells no lies...as they say Oranges are not the only fruit and all politicans piss in the same pot...i once heard uttered as a youth...which makes..my glass  now empty.
I feel that the past week has been comfortable there have been some magic moments riding in my tiny red van have given rise to feel there is hope somewhere over the horizon time is the one thing locked in a lucky bag....only a boof can express such an opening within ourselves for i am sure we do not need the media to tell us how to live...during these times as only those in Whuhan know the truth.

To all whom pass this way love and peace take care..x